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Laravel 9 LMS | Laravel Learn Management System Step by Step | 2022 | Free Source Code

Laravel 9 LMS | Laravel Learn Management System Step by Step | 2022 | Free Source Code

Laravel 9 LMS | Laravel Learn Management System Step by Step | 2022 | Free Source Code

Hello guys, welcome back. In this video, I will show you how the Laravel LMS system known as (Learning Management System). 
I will take you through how to work step by step. I will leave the download link in the video description to download and customize the project anyhow you want.


if you have any questions or need help you can leave a comment in the video comment section below.  before further ado, let's get started. 

The first thing I will be doing is to show the frontend and the features of the system. and show you what the students can do within this system.


The Students Section:


1. Will need to have an account before using this system:


2. Can able to enroll in a course:


3. Can also able to leave a review for a particular course that they are enrolled with:


4. Will have their own dashboard:


5. Will see all their courses inside their account:


6. Can also view each course that they are enrolled in within their account:


The Teacher Section:


1. Will see the courses related to them:


2. Will see all the students enrolled in their course:


3. Can view any student's profile that is enrolled to them but he can't able to perform any actions unless gives them the permission:


The Admin Section:


1. Has the right to perform any action from the system:


2. Can able to add courses:


3. Can able to add categories:


4. Can able to add lessons:


5. Can able to add events:


6. Can able to add news:


7. Can able to add teachers:


8. Can able to add roles:


9. Can able to change settings:


10. Can able to give permissions to users:


And  you can explore the rest for yourself:


The Features of the system.


The Frontend i used:


  1. Livewire:
  2. JQuery:
  3. HTML:


The Backend i used:


  1. PHP Framework Laravel version 9:


Download Source Code Below ūüĎá


Step by Step Project Installation Guide:


Step 1: Download the Project.


After finishing downloading the project, go to the next step 2.


Step 2: Extract the Project zip Fold.


After finishing extracting the project zip folder, go to the next step 3.


Step 3: Enter inside the project folder that you already extracted.


Now, in this step, you have to run some commands to recompile the project files and dependencies.


Let’s perform the commands as follows:


Step 3.1. Open your terminal and run the following command:


composer install


After the composer installation is completed, now move to the next step.


Step 3.2. Copy .env.example To .env


 cp -r .env.example .env


if you want you can copy the file manually or by using the above command.


Step 3.3.  Open the .env file


And configure your database credentials, so that you can able to migrate the database tables to MYSQL.













    DB_USERNAME= root



After you’ve set up the environment, you’ll need to establish a database configuration for it. Move to the following step to create the application key.


Step 3.4.  Run the following command to Generate the Application Key:


php artisan key:generate


After you’ve created the application key, you’ll need to move to the following step to create database tables.


Step 3.5. Run the migration command as follows, to populate your database tables.


  php artisan migrate

  php artisan db:seed


After running this command laravel will populate your database tables with the columns that are present inside the migrations files for each table.


Step 3.6. Run the application by following the below command.


  php artisan serve


The purpose of using PHP artisan serve (PHP built-in server) is just for testing and easy starting your project in a development environment.


Step 3.7. Visit your project by using the following URL in your browser.


Thank you for reading this article, if you have anything that you wanted to ask leave your comment and we discuss it. I hope you understand a Laravel 9 LMS | Laravel Learn Management System Step by Step | 2022 | Free Source Code by now.

About the author:

Laratech is a fullstack developer based in Indonesia.
You can find more about him at Twitter


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